Jamillah and Aladdin announced

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We are delighted that CBeebies and CBBC have announced a joint commission of brand new magical drama Jamillah and Aladdin that will be shown on both channels later this year. Jamillah and Aladdin is a co-production between Kindle Entertainment, Toonz Entertainment and Mediabiz, and promises to captivate children of all ages as it transports them to an ancient world filled with enchantment and adventure.

Jamillah, a modern day girl, lives with her family in London; she is curious and brave and is always on the lookout for adventure. Her story begins when she discovers a dusty, old lamp in her attic, makes a wish and is startled by the appearance of a charismatic and fun loving Genie. Genie transports Jamillah back in time to ancient Baghdad where she meets Aladdin.

Aladdin hates household chores (he has a lot of them) and like Jamillah dreams of having adventures. He has never met a girl like her before and is amazed, and occasionally horrified, by her actions. She is courageous and bold but he often has to use his charm and quick wit to extricate them both from difficult situations. And, of course they can call on Genie when things get really bad. Sadly his magic skills are a little rusty so he tends to create as many problems as he tries to solve!

Their adventures lead them through winding back streets of Baghdad where they encounter snake charmers in shady courtyards, mysterious travellers in the bustling bazaar and even get to meet the princess in the sun filled palace gardens. Lurking in shadowed alleyways are one or two baddies but together with Genie they are a match for any trickster.

Jamillah and Aladdin is a co-commission between Kay Benbow, Acting Director of Children’s and Controller of CBeebies and Cheryl Taylor, Controller of CBBC. Kay Benbow says: “Jamillah and Aladdin will transport viewers to an enchanting world full of adventure and intrigue. The series is packed with wonderful stories, that will delight and entertain our combined audiences.” Cheryl Taylor says: “I am certain that children of all ages will be drawn to our two protagonists. Jamillah is a modern girl who embraces each new adventure with intelligence and determination and Aladdin imbues each tale with customary mischief and charm.” Anne Brogan Executive Producer, Kindle Entertainment, says: “Jamillah is a wonderful heroine and a great role model for girls. She is feisty and bold, courageous and kind, and a perfect match for Aladdin. She believes she can do anything he can – though he often disagrees!”

Jamillah and Aladdin has been commissioned by Kay Benbow, Controller of CBeebies and Cheryl Taylor Controller of CBBBC. Michael Towner is the Executive Producer for CBeebies and Sue Nott is the Executive Producer for CBBC. Anne Brogan is the Executive Producer for Kindle Entertainment. The series is produced by Emma Stuart, the lead Director is Rebecca Rycroft and the Head Writer is Kathy Waugh. The series will be distributed by Imira Entertainment. Jamillah and Aladdin is currently being filmed on location in South Africa.