Kiss Me First

A strange friendship forms between two young women on the net. One is a geek; hopeless, isolated and virginal. The other is a beautiful party girl. They both have different meanings for the word lonely. One of them wants the other to help her end it all.


Almost too late they realise they have been manipulated by a shadowy narcissist cult lurking between them on the internet and the race is on for one to save the other. The pursuit will almost cost both of them their lives, and range across continents.


Kiss Me First resets the fast moving thriller genre and reboots it for a younger generation of viewers brought up on social media, messaging, online friendship, games, revenge porn and growing up too fast. At the same time, it’s the story of friendship between two young women, amplified by a vivid and dangerous online environment, bringing the dynamics of love and loyalty hurtling to the surface.