CBBC BAFTA award winning online drama Dixi returns

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CBBC has announced its BAFTA award-winning online drama Dixi is to return for a second series. Dixi 2: Dixi Unchained, launches on Safer Internet Day, 10 February 2015 – with new vlogs and episodes uploaded to the CBBC website every weekday until 6 March 2015.

Dixi educates viewers about staying safe online, whether it’s controlling your privacy settings or not believing everything that you read on the internet.

The second series sees the friends have a major falling-out when a “cursed” chain message is posted on fictitious social networking site Dixi. Mimi sets out to prove that the curse isn’t real – but someone is determined to drive the friends apart. In this new mystery, everyone is a suspect.

The story is funny, spooky, and uniquely told – with characters’ posting vlogs and chatting online. Viewers can also join in by posting comments and theories – as well as submit their own scary stories on the Dixi site.

April Hughes as Mimi is joined by Kerry Boyne as Isla and Jordan Loughran as Eve (last seen in Disney’s Evermoor). New additions to the cast include Jacob Scipio (Some Girls) and Ben Kerfoot (M.I. High).

Last series actively changed how viewers operated online, making them cannier, more security conscious and safer with:
• 86% of viewers recognising Dixi was meant to teach them about being safe online
• 83% finding Dixi entertaining and an interesting way to learn about being safe online
• Many adjusted privacy settings and passwords on social media following them watching Dixi

Cheryl Taylor, controller of CBBC said, “It’s a challenge to promote safer internet messages with flair and impact but Dixi boasts entertaining characters and an absorbing narrative to help young audiences engage with this campaign. We very much hope we will build on the success of series 1 with this spooky second outing.”

Patrick Healy, head of product for BBC Children’s, says: “Children are spending more and more time interacting online as well as watching TV – so online safety and social etiquette are key skills to acquire. Dixi 2 manages to teach these skills using a diverse set of characters and a whodunnit storyline.”

Melanie Stokes, executive producer for Kindle said, “Dixi’s success lies in really connecting with 8-14 year olds – kids who are making their own forays into the big bad world of social networking, just like our characters.”

Director and head writer Dan Berlinka is back for this series, along with producer and writer Nina Metivier. The writing team is completed by Jessica and Henrietta Ashworth (Fresh Meat).

Dixi 2 is made by Kindle Entertainment – three times winner of the Children’s BAFTA for Best Independent Production Company – for CBBC Online. Executive Producers are Melanie Stokes for Kindle and Sue Nott and Mario DuBois for CBBC, with the Dixi website designed and built by Syndicut.