Hank Zipzer

/ | 2014 | Series 1 13 x 30' | 2015 Series 2 13 x 30' | 2016 Series 3 13 x 30' for


Joe Williams (head writer)


Matt Bloom, Rebecca Rycroft


Siobhan Bachman, Ali Carron, Jim Poser, Richard Grocock, Matthew Mulot

Executive Producers:

Anne Brogan, Melanie Stokes, Sue Nott, Amy Buscombe


Juliet Cowan, Neil Fitzmaurice, Jude Foley, Madeline Holliday, Nick James, Alicia Lai, Felicity Montagu, Jayden Jean-Paul-Denis, Nick Mohammed, Vincenzo Nicoli, Henry Winkler, Chloe Wong

Hank Zipzer and his brain are constantly in conflict. Hank tries and tries, but he just can’t get the hang of maths. Or science. Or English. Actually, every subject (except lunch) is just really, really hard.

Hank’s always on a collision course with authority. Luckily he has the support of his best friends Frankie and Ashley, his favourite teacher Mr Rock, and his family. They remind Hank that he is smart, even when he’s sure he isn’t.

Based on books by Henry Winkler (Mr Rock) & Lyn Oliver, ‘Hank Zipzer’ takes a funny and sensitive look at the world of a clever, funny kid with learning difficulties.

Unfailingly charming comedy…The adult cast and the children all have a chance to shine here, and that helps to make it a show that families can enjoy together.The Daily Mail